Friday, September 23, 2011

My Top 10 Reasons Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)

- Blog #46: Ok, so my last entrant wasn't exactly in my usual blog form. That video was merely a promational ad for my Blogger site. Moving on, I have begun college! Despite all that's needed to be done, I'm still trying to keep up appearances by writing more lists. Translation: I'm preoccupied, but I'm not out! You'll have to forgive me if the lists start to become shorter and less thought out. Don't worry! I assure you that they'll still be as humorous, as thoughtful, and as opinionated as ever! What's today's thought? Let's talk about the reasons why people do stupid things, whether purposefully or not. Just a simple list. No more. I believe these are reasons that we could all agree on. As much as some of us hate to admit it, these could relate towards you (likely very smart). Why did I decide this should be the next topic? Well, let's say that once you get to college level you'll have a better understanding.

1. Distractions! What's more troubling than a smart person? A busy person.

2. Even the most intelligent person can have their share of psychological problems...these aren't all necessarily bad problems. However, these are things that many can't or won't be able to control.

3. There is too much focus on one particular topic. / Lack of objectivity.

4. Ignorance isn't always's a one-sided field. No game.

5. Sometimes our little "demons inside of us" get the better of us. "He/she should have known better!" would probably be the best way to describe this.

6. Sometimes our little "demons inside of us" also tell us a flawed assumption. Logic is always an important thing to have. If an assumption isn't backed up by enough logic, or even a decent amount of evidence, you're screwed.

7. Levels of intelligence and mounds of experience don't guarantee success. If one is unable to transfer their skills, and use them in a different environment, then there's not much that can be done to help you.   

8. People change. It's just the natural order of things. It's that simple.

9. Panic is a common case of anxiety and bad decision-making.

10. As they say..."Sh!t happens!" There are supernatural forces that we just can't control, unless we had the ability to control everyone in the world. At seldom times, there are smart decisions made to restore order. However, those are buried beneath a sea of bad decisions. You have to do what you have to do.

- Done.