Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Top 10 Funny Family Guy Moments

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #16: Time to lighten things up! Family Guy is one of those shows where, at first you think it's stupid, but there's actually some real humor and truth behind all of it. I'm not going to make things theoretical and long (because who wants to read that). Since this is such a popular show, there's no way that this list is going to be anywhere near as close to anyone else. This is just a simple look-back on some of Family Guy's funny moments (Giggety!).

1. "Keith..." - Wow. Just wow.

2. Kermit...Racist? - A joke's only racist, if you claim it to be. Otherwise, it's funny.

3. Rainbow Wheel of Death - If you have a Mac computer, you'll get this.

4. "We now go to Ollie Williams..." - Oh Ollie....

5. Brian and Stewie at the Emmys - One of TV's greatest duos. I loved this.

6. "Cool Whip" - Why DOES he say it like that?

7. "Poked some holes in its back, so it can breathe." - Why would you do that...?

8. "YOU READY TO RACE!? HUH!?" - Ahhh...animal perspective.

9. Peter's "Daisy Dukes" Phase - Ha-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

10. "Hey! I know what will cheer you up..." - I died, when I first saw this.

- Done. (Giggety-Giggety Goo!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Top 10 Songs That I Don't Want To Hear Anymore

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)  

- Blog #15: I'm a man who thoroughly enjoys music. There's really no tune that I wouldn't lend an ear to. If it catches even the slightest interest, then I'll listen to it. Lately, I've been listening to the radio and music being played all over the place. A thought came to me. Why are there so many songs that are being replayed over and over again!? How do people listen to this crap? Has anyone ever had that moment where you're listening to a song and you just say to yourself..."This song is f***ing old"? This list expresses that feeling of distaste and it shows off 10 songs that need to stop Some of us are really tired of listening to the same old music. It's just painful.

1. I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) - It's overused. I hear it EVERYWHERE! That's the problem with "good" music. People will want to use it over and over again, because they claim they love it and others will love it too. After hearing this song over 100 times, I don't have the feeling that I'm going to be listening to this song anymore. Plus, I read somewhere that 12 people wrote the lyrics to this song. Really? It took 12 people to write a song that had the phrases, "I gotta feeling......that tonight's gonna be a good night" and "Let's do it", used about 20 times? 12 people!? I know plenty of individuals who write music and write music well...on their own! A lot of them aren't even famous! I can list a bunch of good songwriters at my high school! I'll give it to BEP that they made a catchy beat for this, but that's just the attention grabber. This song is over.

2. California Girls (Katy Perry) - Here's another problem with songs of this generation. Song ideas are often stolen from other, older songs. In other words, many songs of this generation should really have a "Sue-Stamp" on their labels. This song must have had ideas stolen from the Beach Boy's version. In fact, the only difference that I see between the two songs is that one is authentic and the other one just added a catchy beat that wasn't necessary (the same "beat" problem as #1). These musicians are damn lucky that their songs make the big bucks. I mean, really damn lucky. I hate this song with a burning passion. Can there NOT be songs about girls who act like schmucks? It's getting old and giving out bad messages.

3. Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) - Go ahead and hate. I don't care. What is so special about this song? Why is it that this song is most often played at parties, karaoke shows, or other festivities? Why is it that this song is so popular and, yet, most people can only remember the first couple of lines? There are far better songs out there where people can actually remember the whole song. Truthfully, the only reason I don't want to hear this song anymore is because I don't want to listen to others try and sing along with it. This song isn't THAT good. I'm sorry.

4. Poker Face (Lady Gaga) - The only thing I found at all good with this song was the audio editing done on the words "Poker" and "Face." Other than that, this song is a joke. Do you know another thing I hate about this new generation of music? It's that moment where the singer feels the need to add a melodic "oooh", "ahhh" or in this case a "mum mum mum ma" phrase. If you're going to do it, do it right! Do it with actual feeling! Do it up with Earth, Wind, and Fire style! The way that singers do it now is just a sign to have the listeners pity them. It's despicable. Lady Gaga? Popular superstar contender to President Obama? I don't see it and I don't want to hear this song anymore.

5. Any Song With Rihanna - Ok singer, bad songs. I hate any song by Rihanna. She takes the melodic ecstasy idea from #4 and uses it at her will. Rihanna, your lyrics are depressing. You're depressing. I don't feel bad for you about the whole "Chris Brown" scenario. You should have known about what you were getting into. Chris Brown may have beaten you up, but it was your fault for not noticing what kind of behavior this kind of guy had. Go fall in a hole. All songs, with you in it, are just sour. Especially, this one...

6. Tik Tok (Ke$ha) - Another song with a reference to sex...great. For starters, the first few lines of this song make me sick. How the hell can you brush your teeth with a bottle of jack? Are your thoughts THAT messed up!? That's just immature and stupid. Don't try and convince me that this song has deeper meaning! It doesn't. I wouldn't want to dance to this song. Every time I hear, "Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy", I either want to shoot myself or shoot Ke$ha (not that even have the heart to do so). She makes it sound so...icky. Radio just loves to pop in music that revolves around intercourse now, doesn't it? That's pleasant (<--- take the hint of sarcasm).

7. Party in the U.S.A (Miley Cyrus) - Miley is a much better song writer than most everyone on this list. It's just too bad that my feeling of hope for her becoming a good role model had been swiped away by fate. It's a shame that Miley has become a spoiled superstar who only wants to party and pretend to be her alter-ego "Hannah Montana!" On the side, the song itself is ok. This is just one of those songs that you get tired of hearing of, after a while. It's one of those songs where you're like: "Yeah, we heard you. They're playing your song. Shut up." This is a song where the joy that's supposed to be felt is replaced with something that feels forced. In the words of some, Miley..."you forced it."

8. Dynamite (Taio Cruz) - I don't know much about this guy, but I hear this song a lot. I dub this piece of work as another song with a catchy beat, but lousy context. I looked through the lyrics of this song and the only thing I'm getting out of it is that this song is about a guy who wants to party with some girl. Wow...that's new. Good party song? Maybe. Hearing this song more often than wanted? Unacceptable.

9. Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani) - I'm getting tired of writing this list. So, I'm going to sum this one up just as Brian, from Family Guy, would. I quote, "I don't know what a 'Hollaback Girl' is. All I know is that I want her dead." THANK YOU, FAMILY GUY AND SETH GREEN! There's so much profane language in this song. Once again, unneeded material. At this point in life, society may as well just accept swear words and un-sensor them. Everyone is starting to catch up onto what they are and what they mean. So, this song revolves around unspoken drama? C'mon! Suck it up, people! I'm sure as hell that people talk about me behind my back. Do I care? Not in the slightest. Grow up.

10. Barbie Girl (Aqua) - (sighs) Pathetic.

- Done...thank God. Time to go and listen to some REAL music.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite WWE Themes

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)  

- Blog #14: I know. I love to use YouTube links to help emphasize the significance of my selections in these lists. So, bringing back that favoritism of mine, I'm going to be showing off another music blog! YAY! What's the topic of today's music blog? Why, it's the WWE! I never thought I could be hooked to such a dramatized excuse of a program. As it turns out, I watch the WWE network mainly for the theme music (which explains why "WWE's: Royal Rumble" is my favorite PPV). While I respect the athleticism and the "acting" of the "Superstars", I prefer to listen to the wrestler's enter and exit the ring to their respective theme music. I may do future blogs on WWE, including worst themes or even discuss the wrestlers themselves. This was an extremely tough list to maneuver around, but I managed to narrow it down to my top 10 favorites. Don't whine and complain on how a certain song isn't on here. I loved a lot of the music, but I could only chose 10 for the purpose of this site and the laws of continuity. So, here they are.

1. Jeff Hardy: (Loaded) - The high-flying, charismatic, enigmatic, and controversial Jeff Hardy. Hardy had a few good theme songs in the WWE. I liked all of them (which is much more to say than the songs he uses now, in TNA). However, only one of them gets stuck in my head. Whenever Jeff Hardy or the "Hardy Boyz" come to mind, this is the song that pops up. Hardy used this song for a few years and, unfortunately, switched it to his final entrance song by Endeverafter. I was not a huge fan of this move. It was ok, but it doesn't compare to "Loaded" and the catchy rhythm it has. This song was made by a guy named Zack Tempest. I don't even know that fact for certain, because I can't find this song anywhere! I swear (and I'm NOT going to download it illegally)! I wish this song was out on iTunes. I'd love to get it. Thankfully, YouTube exists.

2. Drew McIntyre (Broken Dreams) - This one is bad-ass...honestly. I don't know if the song fully suits the wrestler's character, but it certainly helps him appear more legendary. This one's by a group named Shaman's Harvest. While more recent than Jeff Hardy's theme, this one just generates a feeling of abnormal awesomeness. Drew McIntyre returned to the WWE not too long ago. He used a generic rock theme that was cool for a while. Then, one day, this song came out. It was that, along with an awesome titan-tron screening. I'm glad that THIS was recently added on iTunes. I was ecstatic! You could use this song in any action movie and it would work.

3. Mr. Kennedy (Turn Up The Trouble) - Who doesn't love their own name? This guy sure loved saying his in-ring name a lot. "Turn Up The Trouble" had Kennedy's name featured in it many times. Now, on TNA, he's Mr. Anderson. It just doesn't really ring bells, does it? Everyone has to feel confident about themselves, eventually. Be confident to almost the point of becoming an arrogant blow-heart! If I had a theme song, I could always make one that goes, "STEVEEEEEEN...CHUUUUUNG!" This song was arranged by Jim Johnston and it reeks of absolute cockiness. It's awesome. More awesome than the remix that was made a few years ago, which was by a group called Airbourne.


4. Dolph Ziggler (I Am Perfection) - Here's another prime example of someone who loves their own name. Yup. "Mr. Ziggles" thinks he's all that...amazing. This one is by a group called Cage 9. I love this theme. Honestly, I'd walk out to an arena with this playing in the background. People are calling this guy the next Mr. Perfect. I wouldn't disagree that this guy has potential to be a future world champion, but I think he needs a little more time. I mean...he went from chauffeur, to cheerleader, to this. It's a bit of a strange transition to actually call this guy a future champion. We'll all have to see what the future holds in store for this former Intercontinental Champion. All I know is that Dolph entered the WWE at a good time, what with past WWE stars now on their way to retirement.

5. Perry Saturn (Rings of Saturn) - I have no idea where this guy went and I don't even know if he'll ever return to WWE. It was said that he was seen on WWE's Bragging Rights 2010, but not many people know what happened and why he left. Perry Saturn wrestled in the days where WWE was massively popular, and the crowd always went nuts no matter who showed up. Plus, he was part of one of the most underrated and greatest stables in WWE history! This group was called "The Radicalz" (composed of Saturn, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero (R.I.P.), and Chris Benoit (R.I.P.)). I don't really know who made this theme, but it's pretty tight. The siren at the beginning of the song gives you somewhat of a space-warped feeling. Then, you picture that you're on the "Rings of Saturn", rocking out! I wish more WWE themes had more generic rock music like this. Themes are made great now, but not many are memorable.

6. Chris Masters (The Masterpiece) - The superstar who has been accused the most for using steroids (and was caught...). Not only do I consider this one of my favorite theme compositions, but I also think that Chris Masters had one of the best entrances ever in the WWE. It's a shame that, since his return to the WWE, he doesn't come out to this song or use his entrance poses anymore. I believe this "Masterpiece" was made by Jim Johnston, though I'm not quite sure. Here's another song that should have been featured on a WWE music CD or sold on iTunes! There were two versions of this song that were used by Chris Masters. Since they're both almost identical, I'm putting both on here.

7. Marcus Cor Von "The Alpha Male" (Smooth) - Favoritism to the saxophone! Who said that all WWE themes had to have rock embedded in them? This is...jazz rock! This guy just did NOT get enough attention in the WWE and he only stayed in ECW for the shortest time ever. Cor Von was only there for a few weeks. Then, he left because of "family issues" and ended up being released from his WWE contract. Changing his name to Monty Brown and going to TNA did no good for his career. He could have been something big! Anyway, this theme has a wicked jaunty beat to it. Listening to this song makes me want to do the "cool walk" in the alleyway.

8. CM Punk (This Fire Burns) - CM Punk is one of my favorite wrestlers in the entire WWE. Lately, he's become more of a preacher than a wrestler. Nevertheless, what's wrong with promoting a "Straightedge Lifestyle" with no drugs? This theme song symbolizes Punk's fire inside his soul, not a fire that comes from a cigarette butt. Whenever this song hits the first note, you get a jolt of excitement and you just know that CM Punk is coming out. Also, it should be noted that Punk is one of the few wrestlers who rarely changes his theme song. I hope he doesn't change it, honestly. This is one of the very few themes that I feel fits perfectly with the character. Killswitch Engage originally intended this song to be Randy Orton's entrance theme. However, it was scraped and was used as a PPV theme. Then, it was given to CM Punk and it has remained with him ever since.

9. Ken Shamrock (The Ultimate) - Where did this guy go? Shamrock had one of the best themes in the WWE (back when it was known as WWF). Ken Shamrock was one of the hottest commodities during the WWF's "Attitude Era", and he was one of the most insanely intense wrestlers in the entire roster. He's traveled around WWE, UFC, and the MMA. It's too bad he doesn't plan on making any return to the WWE, as far as I know. He plans on sticking around in UFC. This song was featured on the WWE Anthology CD, but I can't seem to find out who made it. Whoever did make this song knew how to make a perfect fighter song. Any fighting montage could use this. My only complaint...IT NEEDED MORE COWBELL!

10. Chris Jericho (Break Down The Walls) - Jericho, Jericho, Jericho. What can I say? You really are one of the best wrestlers in the WWE. Whether Jericho is a face (good guy) or a heel (bad guy), Jericho continues to dominate. This one is a surefire Hall of Fame candidate. Y2J is one of longest lasting superstars in the WWE and his theme has basically been the same. The song was inspired by the famous "Battle of Jericho" and was created by Jim Johnston. This theme has got not so much rock, but a lot of rock inspired by techno. Chris Jericho is awesome. No question.

- Done. (Jim Johnston is the man!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Mythological Creatures

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)  

- Blog #13: Happy 2011! I want to start off my blogging year with a high note. So, I'm going to fulfill a suggestion on a "Top 10" list that was given to me some time ago. Low and behold! Here's a list that I thought I'd never write about. We've heard stories about Greek mythology or have seen some sort of mythological creature. Well, here's a list of ones that I personally like. Just for the fun of it, I included a picture of the creature with each entry. Will your favorites be on here? Let's have a look-see...

1. Griffins - These things are just wicked cool, in my opinion. Griffins are legendary creatures that take on the shape of a lion's body, as well as an eagle's head with wings. I don't know what it is that makes me think that these creatures are so awesome. Maybe it's because, whenever I see it, I get this very strange sensation of hope and pride. Heck. Harry Potter's "Gryffindor" house goes by the idea of griffins! Look at how heroic Harry turned out to be (in a matter of fictionally speaking).


2. Hippogriffs - Baring a similar appearance to the griffin, the hippogriff is apparently an offspring from a griffin and a mare (horse). I guess I just like the idea of having an eagle's head on a creature. You could put an eagle's head on Megan Fox, but I would still love it. Yet again (coincidentally), here's another creature that was featured on Harry Potter.


3. Phoenixes - Another chicken to add on here, the phoenix is not only majestic, but it's awesome. It's quite simply a bird that is composed of bright colors that burns the eye...literally. This bird lives and it's on fire! These creatures, supposedly, ignite and burn to ashes once they are dead. From the ashes, a newly born baby phoenix is born (once again, another Harry Potter "Honorable Mention"). For a bird that could be considered immortal, the phoenix could be someone's dream pet. That is, of course, only if you're a bird person...and you have fire-insurance.


4. Hydras - If you're not a bird person, how about checking this one out? The hydra, or the Lernaean Hydra, is a serpent-like creature with numerous heads. The fact that it has so many heads made me chose this creature, over a leviathan. When one head gets cut off, another one grows back in its place. It's a feature that is similar to a starfish. The hydra is a very popular mythological creature, as it is mentioned in stories like The Odyssey and Heracles. There's another reason as ti why I like hydras, though. You'd have to play Heroes: Might and Magic III to know why.


5. Angels - Angels are not from the Greek mythology, but I consider them to be of celestial importance. Angels are messengers from the room above and they are most well-known for their ability to guide and watch over the human race. Many religions recognize angels, whether it's the Hebrew bible or the New Testament. Then, you have those people who make up false things like "Cupid" and other ridiculous notions on the idea of angels. Nonetheless, angels have been the long-lasting reason to continue giving signs of hope to society. I know I'll continue to pray.

6. Fauns - Part man, part bull (or goat...whatever). The faun is another classic mythological creature that is used frequently to publicize the ideals of Greek/Roman mythology. Why? I don't really know. People in the classical and renaissance era had an attachment to this creature, I suppose. Why do I like the faun? Well, I guess I can appreciate the fact that the faun's legacy lasted long enough to make an awesome movie out of their breed ("Pan's Labyrinth"...awesome!).

7. Dragons - Enough said.

8. The Sphinx - Egyptian mythology. Egyptians built a gigantic stone structure from this creature. It must have held some sort of significant purpose in the age of the Egyptian race (although they were crazy enough to build a giant pyramid, as well). I suppose these people liked the Sphinx because it's part human, but also part cat. I've always been amazed that such a creature held as much importance as the Statue of Liberty. It's a cat-woman! Why? I enjoy the mystery of it all.

9. Kappas - From Egyptian mythology to Japanese folklore, the kappa is type of water spirit that somewhat resembles a human mixed with a reptile. Their most noticed feature is that they have an indent in their heads. That indent holds water for the kappa's life-support. While deemed dangerous, the kappa can be easily defeated. All a person must do is to find a way to make the creature bow its head. Simply bowing to the kappa is enough to make it bow back, as kappas are also known to be polite. I almost enjoy the philosophy of this creature, as much as I do the creature itself.

10. Pegasus - It's a winged horse! Isn't that enough? It's one of the most famous beings in Greek mythology.

- Done.