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My Top 10 Favorite Mythological Creatures

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)  

- Blog #13: Happy 2011! I want to start off my blogging year with a high note. So, I'm going to fulfill a suggestion on a "Top 10" list that was given to me some time ago. Low and behold! Here's a list that I thought I'd never write about. We've heard stories about Greek mythology or have seen some sort of mythological creature. Well, here's a list of ones that I personally like. Just for the fun of it, I included a picture of the creature with each entry. Will your favorites be on here? Let's have a look-see...

1. Griffins - These things are just wicked cool, in my opinion. Griffins are legendary creatures that take on the shape of a lion's body, as well as an eagle's head with wings. I don't know what it is that makes me think that these creatures are so awesome. Maybe it's because, whenever I see it, I get this very strange sensation of hope and pride. Heck. Harry Potter's "Gryffindor" house goes by the idea of griffins! Look at how heroic Harry turned out to be (in a matter of fictionally speaking).


2. Hippogriffs - Baring a similar appearance to the griffin, the hippogriff is apparently an offspring from a griffin and a mare (horse). I guess I just like the idea of having an eagle's head on a creature. You could put an eagle's head on Megan Fox, but I would still love it. Yet again (coincidentally), here's another creature that was featured on Harry Potter.


3. Phoenixes - Another chicken to add on here, the phoenix is not only majestic, but it's awesome. It's quite simply a bird that is composed of bright colors that burns the eye...literally. This bird lives and it's on fire! These creatures, supposedly, ignite and burn to ashes once they are dead. From the ashes, a newly born baby phoenix is born (once again, another Harry Potter "Honorable Mention"). For a bird that could be considered immortal, the phoenix could be someone's dream pet. That is, of course, only if you're a bird person...and you have fire-insurance.


4. Hydras - If you're not a bird person, how about checking this one out? The hydra, or the Lernaean Hydra, is a serpent-like creature with numerous heads. The fact that it has so many heads made me chose this creature, over a leviathan. When one head gets cut off, another one grows back in its place. It's a feature that is similar to a starfish. The hydra is a very popular mythological creature, as it is mentioned in stories like The Odyssey and Heracles. There's another reason as ti why I like hydras, though. You'd have to play Heroes: Might and Magic III to know why.


5. Angels - Angels are not from the Greek mythology, but I consider them to be of celestial importance. Angels are messengers from the room above and they are most well-known for their ability to guide and watch over the human race. Many religions recognize angels, whether it's the Hebrew bible or the New Testament. Then, you have those people who make up false things like "Cupid" and other ridiculous notions on the idea of angels. Nonetheless, angels have been the long-lasting reason to continue giving signs of hope to society. I know I'll continue to pray.

6. Fauns - Part man, part bull (or goat...whatever). The faun is another classic mythological creature that is used frequently to publicize the ideals of Greek/Roman mythology. Why? I don't really know. People in the classical and renaissance era had an attachment to this creature, I suppose. Why do I like the faun? Well, I guess I can appreciate the fact that the faun's legacy lasted long enough to make an awesome movie out of their breed ("Pan's Labyrinth"...awesome!).

7. Dragons - Enough said.

8. The Sphinx - Egyptian mythology. Egyptians built a gigantic stone structure from this creature. It must have held some sort of significant purpose in the age of the Egyptian race (although they were crazy enough to build a giant pyramid, as well). I suppose these people liked the Sphinx because it's part human, but also part cat. I've always been amazed that such a creature held as much importance as the Statue of Liberty. It's a cat-woman! Why? I enjoy the mystery of it all.

9. Kappas - From Egyptian mythology to Japanese folklore, the kappa is type of water spirit that somewhat resembles a human mixed with a reptile. Their most noticed feature is that they have an indent in their heads. That indent holds water for the kappa's life-support. While deemed dangerous, the kappa can be easily defeated. All a person must do is to find a way to make the creature bow its head. Simply bowing to the kappa is enough to make it bow back, as kappas are also known to be polite. I almost enjoy the philosophy of this creature, as much as I do the creature itself.

10. Pegasus - It's a winged horse! Isn't that enough? It's one of the most famous beings in Greek mythology.

- Done.

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