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My Top 10 Best Legend of Zelda Songs

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #22: Every classic Nintendo game has one very likable detail that's hard to miss. It's the music, from Metroid to Super Mario, Donkey Kong to Sonic the Hedgehog (although technically not being a Nintendo game, but details and more details), and Pokémon to The Legend of Zelda. I was strongly recommended to make a Top 10 Legend of Zelda song list (thank you Mark). Coming to you now...THE LEGEND OF ZELDA TOP 10 SONGS LIST!

1. The Lost Woods - It's a short song. It's a memorable one, though. This song loops just as much as this zone does with its maze. The 1st time I played and went through the Lost Woods, I got exactly as the title said. Lost. It was well worth the fun though, because for the first time in a long time a video game had that forest-like feel to the game-play. Plus, there was a cameo appearance of the Skull Kids, which led to an amazing sequel that came out later for Legend of Zelda fans. The Lost Woods may be the 2nd most remixed theme ever (2nd, only to that of the Legend of Zelda theme itself).

2. Song of Healing - And here is the sequel! This game was a far-cry's different from the Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask was dark, emotional, and it always emitted a feeling of impending doom. This was a great game and, along with the greatness, came great music. Link had left Hyrule to begin a new journey and wound up losing his horse to a masked Skull Kid. It doesn't seem that intimidating here, but it gets worse as the game goes on. Suddenly, mid-chase, Link gets cursed by the Skull Kid and becomes a Deku being (he's made of wood). He continues to follow the Skull Kid and ends up in some kind of clock tower. This music sure brings back memories.

3. Gohdan Battle - We've now reached new Zelda territory. Some people like to throw hate out at this game, mainly because of the new cartoon graphics. Honestly, I liked the new concept. Of course, everyone wants to find some reason to complain about something. Anyway. This theme catches my attention. Call him a different rendition of Bongo Bongo, Andross, or even call him that creature that was featured in the Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Gohdan's battle was one of epic proportions. It's placed at the very epicenter of The Tower of the Gods. This music is very celestial and it's like an image of a mortal playing chess against God...yeah. Never mind that. Gohdan's boss theme is one of my favorite pieces from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

4. Midna's Lament - It was hard to think that some of the most touching moments from Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask could be topped by something that came from the future. Midna's near-death was the bane of many a heart. The thought of having one of your own partners die is almost too much to bear. Having this music play while riding in a cloudy, rainy setting really brings out the moment of reflection and sadness. This was a theme I never thought would be included in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game. I wish it wasn't. The lamenting doesn't work in brawl, when you're actually intending on beating your opponents up. There's no remorse or condolence there. This music certainly fits the Twilight Princess game much better.

5. Palace Theme - 3D to retro styled fun. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was one of those under-appreciated Zelda games that was much better than one would have expected at first glance. While still holding the side-scrolling feature that the previous predecessor had, Zelda II was more of a Rambo styled game with a health bar instead of health hearts. One of the best things about Zelda II was the palace levels. Again, like the first game, there were many puzzles that needed to be solved before facing a boss character. The original theme here sounds awesome, but Super Smash Bros. Melee made things three times better. Melee's take on the Palace Theme makes this track one of the most recognizable in all of the known Smash Bros. games.

6. Temple of Time - Even if you'd ask me today, I would still tell you that I think this place looked more like a church than a temple. The Song of Time is very noticeable in a lot of Zelda games. It played an important role in Link's transformation from a youngster to an adult. This temple introduced the true meaning behind the Master Sword, the Tri-Force, and the real beginning of Link's destiny to save the land of Hyrule. It's a nice aria (for a video-game, computer enhanced voice).

7. Farewell, Hyrule King - This one was first used in The Wind Waker, but was then later re-formatted to be played in the Dark Hyrule Castle from The Minish Cap. I love this theme and it might be because this is one those piano pieces that I can actually play and play with expression. Expression is exactly the word that should be used when describing the situation in the game. Link just defeated Ganondorf (with a sword through the forehead) and left the Hyrulian King to drown with the rest of the Hyrule Kingdom. There was nothing Link could do to save his "friend" or the kingdom, except watch it drown. On the other hand, Link entered Hyrule in a different dimension to defeat an evil Minish known as Vaati. Both have their moments of soap-opera drama, but both are very good soap-operas...unlike some shows (*cough* Days of Our Lives *cough*). Actually, I think even Zelda: A Link to the Past used this theme too. However, I think the first two versions are more powerful in my opinion. Oh well...I'll put the third one on here anyway.

8. Zelda's Lullaby - This is just a beautiful, nostalgic piece of music. So many people like to play this theme for some reason. Maybe because it was from the Ocarina of Time and was played on the ocarina so many times. I don't know. This has been played back just as many times as the Lost Woods. You're able to reminisce about having to move your way through the guarded Hyrule Castle and finally reaching the Princess Zelda in her chamber...with hidden pictures of other Nintendo characters through the glass windows.

9. Hyrule Field (from the Twilight Princess) - The venturing through this game's layout of Hyrule Field was a highlight of the game itself. This one gets the adrenaline running and the adventure feeling run wild. Walking through this field gets you an average run-of-the-mill walking theme, but wait until you mount your horse! The Hyrule Fields never sounded so fun and so exhilarating. Riding your horse around the world map was definitely one of the best features that Twilight Princess had.  

10. The Main Theme - It's the most well known tune from The Legend of Zelda! It's been given awards and recognition from video-game fanatics everywhere. We think Zelda, we think this! There's really nothing more to say about it. It's not for debate that this theme is one of the greatest things to come out of video-gaming. It's encouraging in showing that our young hero, Link, can indeed save the day! This link that I added for this entrant has the theme in it, but also a look-back/retrospective of The Legend of Zelda history until The Wind Waker. Enjoy, Zelda fans!

- Done.

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