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My Top 10 Reasons Why You Should or Shouldn't Leave facebook (Part 1)

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #17: IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER "Opposites Attract" TOP 10 LIST! What a list it is! It's been a question on my mind as to whether or not I should delete my facebook account. There are quite a few reasons as to why I would want to be rid of this social monstrosity, but there are major delaying factors that come into play. Just a quick re-cap on how my "Opposites Attract" lists work: Instead of my usual compilation of 10 picks-per-topic, I'll be composing a pair of blogs where each part will consist of one different side of the story to another. Basically, one part of the blog will have one side of five entries and the other blog will have the "Opposite." Get it? Got it? Splendid. Let's start off with the pieces of reflection that show off good-looking reasons to keep facebook.

Keep facebook!

1. You Can Stay in Touch - Chances are likely that this is the main reason why no one wants to leave facebook permanently. What other reason could top this? Well...not that many. Social-networking has been taking over the communication product line and has attracted those who are young and those who are old. Soon, telephones and letters won't exist anymore because email and instant-messaging will be there to take its rightful place. So, go with the flow. It's been argued that facebook is "destroying" our lives, but is it really? I'm on facebook a lot, but I don't see anything different with how I act outside of the computer screen. This website is called a "social network" for a reason. Be social. Talk with people. Keep up with friends and family because this site can't make things any easier for you. That is, when you get right down to it. If you're friends with somebody, you can contact them anytime (unless one of you have strict privacy settings...I'll get to that a bit later). However, it's best that this little convenience is not abused to a point where you're over-controlling.

2. "Where else will you go?" - (Another "I don't care what anyone else says" moment coming up!) I've visited some other social networking sites, just for kicks. There are two other sites that try to rival that of the leading facebook franchise. "twitter" and "tumblr", which both sound like the "Jack and Jill" of internet extravaganzas (which could possibly symbolize facebook as the giant "hill" of the company competition). I just want to point out that Myspace just doesn't have anything to compete with. So, that site is out the window. Both of these places have their own unique quality that attracts the users. It's too bad that facebook came up with these ideas first. "twitter" is a basically a place where people post their everyday lives with a status update, like facebook (except facebook had that concept before them...FACT!). "tumblr" is really just a "blog" site that works similar to facebook, but lacks a lot of the real enjoyable uniqueness that facebook has. In fact, the only reason I've heard as to why people leave facebook to go to these sites is because they all want to leave behind the "dumb-ass" people. News-Flash! Not everyone on facebook is a nitwit! If I was in your shoes, I'd do one of the following: Delete that person (though I'd find that immature), suck it up and cope, block that person, or leave facebook and never join another social-networking site again. Are you so ignorant, selfish, and just plain stubborn enough to be disloyal? Whenever someone is being dumb, I just cope. It's not that hard. Once we accept each other for who we really are, we can be much happier. So, why on Earth would you want to delete everything you've done on facebook just to get away from others, whom you so-call "ruin" your life? Which leads me to............

3. You'll Lose Everything That's Been Downloaded (Memories) - Everything. Pictures, videos, posts, notes, and even friends (internet-wise). EVERYTHING! A LOT OF THOSE THINGS MAY NOT EVEN BE YOURS! So, by deleting your facebook, does that mean you have to hunt down everyone who sent you stuff? Then, you have to ask them to send you pictures or anything else sent, separately? HELL NO! I'm not doing that! What if you're like me and you have a ton of pictures and videos that were sent by other people? Some of those people may not even own that property anymore. So, why take the chance? I'm sure there's a way to solve this issue, but it's sure not doable by the easy way. You can't send everything to yourself via email, because the quality comes out really bad. The pictures would not even be enjoyable to look at anymore. If I can figure a way out of this predicament, I may leave facebook in an instant. This is the worst reason as to why I CAN'T leave facebook. Once everything is gone, you'll have to start over if you ever want to come back to facebook. For someone who has a lot of stuff, that would be a nightmare. 

4. You May Lose Some Privileges - This one is really minor, but it's a reason. See...I have this attraction to another site called "picnik." Like most other social sites, you have to register to go onto this website. To combat this, facebook allows you access to this site. This is so long as you own an account and you have some pictures already set on your page. Now, you get rid of facebook and you lose that privilege.'s a small loss, but it's a loss. You'll also lose the ability to promote your cause, which could be your band, your community activity, your novelty (blogs or other pieces of art), and/or many other events that you may have planned. This doesn't mean that you lose complete control over your promotion...just on facebook, which is an extremely large enough crowd as it is. By leaving facebook, you could be missing out on the chance to promote something worthwhile. The newspaper is being replaced by facebook. Everyone will read anything that has an essence of interest. So, if you want to attract a large audience, don't get rid of your facebook.

5. You Just....Can't (and shouldn't have to) - Addictions. Harmful, although you can't tell yourself that you notice such a behavioral side-effect. For some reason, having the ability to see everyone's junk and seeing everyone act as they are seems satisfactory to those who care about the people. You can't tell someone to stop doing what they enjoy to do. However, you can find ways to talk to or help another person with their life predicaments. We all want to know what everyone's doing. It's not really stalking, unless you abuse the system. It's everyone looking out for each other. It's what we chose to do with this information is what's important. To cause less drama, it's best not to over-react or over-exaggerate something that you've seen or read. Do you have the self-control needed? Of course, if that question could easily be answered with a "yes", then you wouldn't need a facebook now...would you? It's best to just use facebook for what it claims itself to be. Use it for communicating with friends, family, and newly acquainted acquaintances. Don't use it just to build on something that you can build upon yourself. Human qualities.

- So, you've read my reasons on why you should keep your facebook (and probably the reasons why I will continue to use facebook, myself), but what about the reasons that make you want to bounce away? Stay tuned for Part 2, when I talk about the reasons on why you should ditch your facebook account.

- Done (for now).

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