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My Top 10 Best Pokémon Ever

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #19: Pokémon. This representation of Japanese anime has been an incredible asset to Nintendo's video-gaming industry. Since its release in America, Pokémon has been dubbed second in command for best-sellers (second only to the Super Mario series). One of the biggest mysteries of the gaming universe, which vexes us all, is how many Pokémon really exist. Every few months or so, a couple hundred more species introduce themselves within every new series. Which ones do I think are the best ones? As of 2011 (excluding the upcoming Pokémon from the Black and White series), see if any of your favorites are on this list!

1. Mewtwo - Remember when having a legendary Pokémon appear on a show (or movie) was a really big deal? Nowadays, legendary Pokémon don't seem to hold a candle to the most epic one of all. For them, it's about being rare and holding a specific role for Earth itself. For this one, it's all about being a legend. It was never about Mew. It was all about Mewtwo. Mewtwo is the only Pokémon that made more than one major appearance in Pokémon movies, as he played a lead role in Mewtwo Strikes Back and Mewtwo Returns. He is also a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which is a big deal considering how so many other rare and powerful Pokémon could have used at the time. I have friends who could tell you how awesome I am with Mewtwo in Melee! It's just too bad that he got replaced with Lucario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I STILL don't think that was a good idea. In Pokémon-gaming terms, Mewtwo is one of the strongest psychic-type Pokémon in the entire series. Pokémon Gold/Silver had to include dark-type Pokémon just to counteract psychic-types like Mewtwo. Mewtwo will always be the most classic legend in Pokémon history (with a bad-ass voice).


 2. Dragonite - This Pokémon comes wicked close to legendary status. Oh, if only it wasn't an evolutionary Pokémon. Dragonite is one of the hardest Pokémon to level up and this is mainly because you need to catch a Dratini (which is hard enough to find), evolve it into a Dragonair (one the most elegant Pokémon of all), and then train it to level 55 to have it evolve once more. Dragonite has a very similar evolution process to that of Tyranitar and Garchomp. The game-breaker here is that Dragonite is only weak against Pokémon of the same dragon-type, ice-type, and some other rock-type moves. Being a rock/dark-type Pokémon, Tyranitar is weak against fighting moves, ground moves, bug moves (?), steel moves, water moves, and grass moves. The only reason why Garchomp doesn't make this list over Dragonite either is that it's so flipping hard to find Gible (the first form of Garchomp). Generation I of Pokémon had some of the best qualities ever, as now two Pokémon from Generation I are featured on this list.

 3. Blissey - You wouldn't think it, but Blissey has got some major power. It's one of the strongest defensed Pokémon ever and it's mainly because of its large amount of HP (hit-points). If you own one, then you've probably trained it all the way to level 100. Then, you can see that this pink ball of fluff can gain over 700 HP. This, in Pokémon terms, is a lot! Even when faced against Pokémon that are theoretically "stronger", it may take a few hits to knock Blissey out. One of the redeeming qualities of Blissey is its amazing ability to heal itself. When you've got a Pokémon who can heal with THIS much HP, you're in for a long battle. Blissey can defeat you. Although you're trying your absolute best to beat it, without having Blissey use its heal w/attack combo, you many not be able to. Snorlax has similar statistics to Blissey, but pales in comparison because it lacks the ability to heal without falling asleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...HUH? WHAT!?

4. Arceus - Honestly, I had to look up information on this Pokémon to know more about it. Supposedly being the "God of All Pokémon", Arceus is the first sign of showing where the species of Pokémon derived from. Not many people own an Arceus because the only way you could get one was by owning an Azure Flute. These were distributed at some Pokémon event. It's possible these can be obtained by cheating, too. One of Arceus' best features is the ability to become any type of Pokémon it wants to be. But, you can only do this by holding one of 16 plates. To only be majorly affected by ghost or dark-type Pokémon moves is a pretty strong sign that defeating (or capturing) Arceus is no easy task. Plus, Arceus has the ability to learn so many attacks if you have the proper TM (technical machine). It can learn every single HM (hidden machine) move. I even looked up a clip of Arceus from its debut Pokémon movie. I was a little more than disappointed by the voice actor, but nonetheless. A God of Pokémon...we could be seeing a near-end to the Pokémon series...

5. Porygon - There has never been a more controversial and underrated Pokémon than this virtual masterpiece. An episode of Pokémon, that starred Porygon, gave seizures to nearly 700 children in Japan due to a flashing strobe effect. This was, however, Pikachu's fault. Since then, Porygon and the evolutionary formations of it have not played any major role in the Pokémon anime. Porygon is a virtual creation by a company called Silph Co. It can only be obtained by winning it at Celadon City's Rocket Game Corner. That, or you can find it in Sinnoh's Trophy Garden. Porygon and the other forms have been featured in all three Smash Bros. games as extra characters. There may not be much to this Pokémon, but I think it's highly overlooked. Porygon deserves a spot at fame and glory in the Pokémon universe. Hooray for virtual reality! You created one hell of a cool-looking duck!

6. Ditto - Yet again, another Pokémon from Generation I. I think this is the forth one on the list. Having the same styled face as that Nickelodeon-faced thing, Ditto can use the move "Transform" and transform, literally, into any Pokémon it is facing. That's awesome! You won't necessarily be at any advantage against your opponent, but neither will your opponent have any advantage over you. True equality! Once Ditto transforms, it automatically gains all attacks that the copied Pokémon had and becomes whatever type that Pokémon is. However, unless called back, Ditto can only use this move once per battle. That's really it. Not much else to say about this purple glob of fun. It should be featured more in the anime.

7. Milotic - Moving on to a new generation, Milotic is one of the most elegant water-type Pokémon of all. Not many people own this sea-serpent and it's partially due to the fact that its previous form (Feebas) is extremely rare and hard to find. Statistically, the only thing that makes Milotic weaker to Gyarados is its attack power. However, that means nothing when you have a good combination of speed, defense, and the amount of power Milotic has. Also, Feebas was originally stronger to that of Gyarados' previous form of Magikarp. However, it took some time for me to decide between Gyarados and Milotic. Milotic ended up winning because of it's pure statistical advantages and its beauty. Sorry, Gyarados lovers.

8. Charizard - It's an ongoing debate over which starter Pokémon is the best in the entire series. Everyone's going to have their own side of the argument. Some will argue that the water-types are the best, some will even say that their grass-types are the best, but there's a reason why this fire-type Pokémon's fully-evolved form wins a spot on my list. With this entrant, my list has now been half-filled with Pokémon from Generation I! Charizard gets the glory because it owns a genetic quality that none of the other starter Pokémon can have or achieve. Charizard...can fly! Why surf places or dig to some random location, when you can just fly over everything!? When Charmander was captured (or rather joined) by Ash, it was the only Generation I starter on the team to evolve and evolve fully. In fact, out of Ash's entire roster of Pokémon, Charizard is considered to be one of the best and strongest in the whole team. Now, why would Nintendo chose to make Charizard a popular mascot for Pokémon? In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Charizard is a playable character alongside Ivysaur and Squirtle. Why fully evolve Charizard and not the other two? Hmmm...another weird thing about Charizard. Why does he have the same cry as Rhyhorn? It's amazing how one Pokémon can produce this much thought.

9. Rayquaza - To me, this is one of the only other legendary Pokémon that catches my attention. Of all flying-type Pokémon, Rayquaza appears to be the one that has the highest attack power. To be able to calm the storms of both Groudon and Kyogre, Rayquaza must have quite the role in the "Weather Trio." It is the only Pokémon that plays as a boss character in the Super Smash Bros. series. Rayquaza, often, is a Pokémon used in a final battle. It also played an essential role in the movie, Destiny Deoxys, as it further helped to tell the storyline history of Deoxys. That's...actually all I have to say on this one. It plays more of a powerful role to Pokémon than Lugia and Ho-Oh. Rayquaza also knocks out Giratina because Giratina is technically weaker. Yup. That's it. It's a dragon...enough said.

10. Pikachu - The reason we began to watch the show...the reason we wanted to play the games...the reason why Pokémon became the ultimate franchise that it is today! There was no way that this guy couldn't get a spot on this list! Pikachu is the most iconic Pokémon of all and it is the most often used mascot for Pokémon materials. The very first episode of Pokémon touched our hearts and it began a legacy for Nintendo's creation. Pikachu is seen in every single episode of Pokémon. That's dedication for you! Pikachu also, usually, has a short movie of his own before every Pokémon movie. With Pikachu added on here, this list just shows you how the first generation of Pokémon was (and always will be) the best season ever in Pokémon history! Pikachu is an alumni to the Super Smash Bros. world and has even starred in his own games, such as: Pokémon: Yellow, Hey You, Pikachu!, Pokémon Channel, and a new upcoming game called PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure. When we think Pokémon, Pikachu is the one guy that should immediately jump to our thoughts. I chose you, Pikachu, to be the best Pokémon ever! You will always be a video-game hall-of-fame member!

- Done. (Pokémon FOREVER!)

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