Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Top 10 Reasons Why Michael Bay Should NOT Make Another Transformers Movie

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #35: Man, have I become popular or what? I never anticipated that my blog site would receive so much attention. I have all of you to thank, as this next selection was suggested to me by an up-and-coming college graduate of North Park University (That's right, brother)! It's a slight variation of what was presented, but it was his idea. We're nearing the Forth of July holiday and this one has got lots of explosions! Now, know this. I have not seen the 3rd installment of Transformers, yet. The advertisement for it, and a suggestion, led me to the creation of this list. So, don't freak out! I'm not bashing on the new movie. I actually heard it was pretty decent. BUT, that doesn't change anything here. So, here it comes. A short and simple list of reasons why Michael Bay should stop making Transformers movies.

1. Michael got a hot actress fired (*coughs* Megan Fox *coughs*), two movies into the series! You have to replace her, when she was actually an asset and a main importance to Shia's character! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

2. Michael actually CONSIDERED Megan Fox to play a part! Fail!

3. Too many references to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and any other global terror.

4. Ending movies will end every and all internet/public arguments over which Transformers Autobot/Decepticon should or should not be included in future movies. That's always a nice thing not to hear.

5. We've already got a crap-ton of movies that involve robots, destruction, and Shia LaBeouf. The novelty is drinking the desert oasis dry, dude. It's like those Halo games. They just keep coming. 

6. Let's face it...Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was not a good sequel or a very good movie, at all. It was long and it was just not funny, when it was trying to be.

7. Michael Bay killed Jazz (the Autobot). In internet slang, WTF! WHY? Why do that, when it could cause racial controversy, if you understand what I mean? JAZZ WAS AWESOME! HE KILLED JAZZ!

8. Someone's going to get killed on set. 

9. Transformers should have been a stand-alone movie, with no sequels.

10. Michael should stick to making ads about awesome barbecues and awesome pools.  

- Done. Have a very happy and very safe Forth of July holiday!

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