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My Top 10 Best Halloween Candies

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)  

 - Blog #6: It's nearing the end of October and I'm ready to write a new "Top 10" list. On Hallow's Eve, little kids and teenagers dress up for trick-or-treating, carve Jack-O'-Lanterns, or become involved with many other Halloween shenanigans. While wearing a costume or going to a costume party can be fun, and people like to go along with their regular traditions on Halloween, a big part of the holiday is often disregarded from all the excitement over the legacy that Halloween leaves behind. It's about the candy! Kids love it, teens love it, I love it, and you know that (deep down) you do too! So, finishing off this month of blogs, I'm going to show which candies I found to be the most popular and the ones that often get finished off in an instant. Are your favorites on the list? If not, all I can say is....Boo....

1. Nerds - No, I'm not talking about the stereotype. I'm talking about everyone's favorite sugar-coated sugar treats from Willy Wonka. Most people on Halloween give out those small boxes of Nerds, as their treat for their trick. While the rattling of these boxes can be obnoxious, some can consider the rattling to be quite appealing. You never really notice how quickly one can down these boxes, because...they taste fantastic. They're pretty small and you wouldn't really have to worry too much about your teeth...but brush anyway!


2. Reese's (Peanut Butter Cups) - If nothing else, I would gladly trade a good portion of my Halloween candy for these. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have been around since the 1920's. Over 80 years of peanut butter-chocolate happiness can really take it's nostalgic turn in one's mind. There's so much freaking peanut butter that you could make a snack or meal out of these. Sure, you have "Reese's Pieces" and miniature cups, but the standard sized cups are the ones that will always taste....yeah I'll say it...ORGASMIC!

3. M&M's - No, not the rapper. The candy! While I have no particular reference as to which flavor I enjoy the most, there's nothing that M&M's can't cheer up on a bad day. Introduced later than Reese's, M&M's were released in the U.S. during the 1940's and are now popular throughout the known world (I believe over 100 countries...but that's actually just a guess). Let's face it...Halloween would not be the same without these. It's not just the taste of them that gets a kid excited, but the scents of the candy through the candy bag. M&M's are just very well known and taste very good! Want proof? Just try some!

4. Candy Corn - These are Halloween classics and a traditional treat, at best. These are even sometimes considered as a Halloween mascot, being that you see the candy corn designs on anything related to the Halloween holiday. Candy corn mainly takes the spot though, just because they've been around the longest and are still going strong today. Try about...130 years! People still love candy corn. Who could blame them, after tasting the sugar and corn syrup goodness? It's not just Halloween that these candies are presented. There are even some cases where the colors change from yellow, orange, and white to other colors for each different holiday. Young or old, people still love Candy corn....I wish I had some right now. 

5. Skittles - The fruit-tasting equivalent to M&M's, Skittles let you "Feel the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow" and that saying could not be any more accurate. However, unlike M&M's, Skittles candies have many colors, with EACH ONE having a different flavor. Plus, they're labeled with an "S" instead of an "m" mark. The best part is that it doesn't matter which ones you put in your mouth, or how you mix them. Any combination of Skittles taste fantastic. Arguably, Skittles are also known for having some of the best commercials.

6. Tootsie Roll (Pops) - Not much to say about these, except that Tootsie Pops are chocolate perfection. The most well-known case of losing a tooth. Tootsie Rolls are just as tasty as taffy. Giving out the smaller rolls make the treat bowl last longer, but giving out Tootsie Pops will make kids smile from cheek to cheek. I remember getting a Tootsie Pop, unwrapping it, and then looking around the wrapper for that Indian with the arrow shooting a star (and to this day, I still don't know what the point of doing that was...). Both types of Tootsie Rolls can be long-lasting and memorable.

7. Milky Ways - Seriously, what candy in the world is good for dental hygiene? This is one of those candies where you know your mouth is going to be a mess, but you'll eat it anyway because it tastes so good. Chocolate outside, caramel inside. Almost every single house on my street will have some form of Milky Way given out, even if it's vanilla flavored instead. Indubitably, one of the most underrated candies ever. Could it be possible that this candy gets low ratings because it really wasn't named after Earth's galaxies? Hmm...

8. Kit-Kats - A candy that is one of the most common things on the Halloween giveaway list. Kit-Kats will go! Makers of Kit-Kat produced many different kinds of Kit Kat candies, but none reached out further than the classic 2 to 4-pieced one. I must have a thing for chocolate because almost every candy on here has some form of it. These candies can come in multiple pieces of chocolate-covered, 3 pieced wafers and are fun to eat because you get that awesome "Crunch" sound. How else could people have made this?

9. Nestlé: CRUNCH - Speaking of crunching, CRUNCH is probably my favorite candy on this list. I would die to get some of it during the Halloween season (even though I don't Trick-or-Treat anymore...thank goodness for leftovers). Vaguely similar to Kit-Kats, CRUNCH is a chocolate covered, crispy rice treat that could make even someone like me happy! It's hard to describe, other than the fact that it tastes great. Plus, these guys stand out of the candy bowl, mainly because of the bright blue wrapping that covers them. Kids would immediately dive-bomb for it!

10. Snickers - For reasons unknown, I have never had a Snicker in my life. However, it's a candy that I see EVERY Halloween! I even see billboards will Snicker logos that say something witty, involving peanut butter or chocolate (Peanut-Metropolis...or something like that). Apparently being a candy bar with substance, Snickers can fill a person up in a flash, but who can really guess something like that on Halloween?

- Done. (Happy Halloween!)

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