Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Top 10 Things that Bother Me About facebook or facebookers (not pointing any fingers to anyone and off the top of my head)

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #1: Here's my debut performance blog! This topic is...(snare drum roll)...facebook! Here is my 1st "Top 10" list of things that catch my mind, in a bad way, about the ever-growing and popular social network.

1. Multiple Photos Generated from an Apple Computer - Really? I understand that people like to make goofy faces and use all sorts of effects that a program has to offer. All of this is done to make a web-cam candid of yourself. With all due respect, why? Why does one have to have so many identical or CLOSELY identical photos? Granted...I have one or two similar photos, but that's just it. There are people with tens or HUNDREDS. It's dumb, in a sense. Not many people are really going to comment on these pictures or even look at them. Be honest with yourself. Are you really going to look back on them yourselves?

2. "Why does video and photo loading time take so damn long?" - I'm sure this is because of some technical reason at facebook HQ that I couldn't describe to you, but it really takes too long. For real. When you upload a picture or video onto your computer, it takes just a certain number of minutes (depending on how much you have). Granted, again, that this is only from my perspective. I don't know about how others fare. Compared to when you do this process, the facebook-downloading process is almost "quad" that amount of time. For videos, it takes HOURS! HOURS, I TELL YOU! I reiterate that this is a "slight" problem at facebook HQ. It probably has something to do with the fact that millions of people upload a ton of BS on facebook for keepsake purposes. Maybe there's just too little memory space...I don't know.

3. Chat Confusion - Oh boy...everyone's favorite. When I first made my facebook account, FB chat didn't even exist. Nonetheless, it's been around for a few years now. AIM users don't seem to have many complaints about their product. So, why is facebook having such a problem? Again, is it because of lagging storage space on this site? I talk to some of my friends on FB and sometimes, mid-convo, the person goes online-offline-online-offline. The main problem isn't the fact that it's happening. It's the fact that one could think that the other person you're conversing with could be doing this on purpose (or maybe not). Either way, you feel somewhat bad/sad that this happens. Then, there's a lag with the chat system. What doesn't lag nowadays with technology "improving." Hopefully, this is a problem that can be fixed. We can only hope.

4. One Word Responses - This is something I've noticed for a while. I hope to God I'm not the only one who finds this a little troubling. We all creep each-other on facebook every now and then. It's a fact. Sometimes, when I come across a person's note or a wall-post on the News-Feed, you have these instances when someone asks you a question or makes a statement. Then, the other person sometimes takes an hour or longer just to say "K" or "Yeah...." or "Lol!" That's all you've got to say? Actually, I think someone made a "Like" group for that. (-_-...I'll get back to "Like" groups in a minute) No offense, but that's boring....and this gives off the stereotype that you're somewhat stupid. I'm sorry, but that's how I view it. OK...sometimes people do it just to be witty or lazy, but still. That actually could be worse because it just shows how immature or LAZY a person could very well be. You never really know.

5. Certain Controversial Photos - Alright, back to photos. So, duplicate photos are annoying, but what about other photos that make people look at them and go "....-__-....". People have to realize that the "outside-world", or even companies you could be applying for, are watching you. Why do you have pictures of yourselves with drinks, cigarettes or just moments when people have to say "What is wrong with this picture?" On a personal side-note, I have sworn my life against the usage of any of these types of drugs or the joyride you may get from them. If anyone out there ever sees me doing drugs, do me a favor and grab the nearest dangerous object and kill me. ANYWAYS! Having pictures of yourself with a plastic red cup in your hand doesn't always leave a smiling impression. Why people would ever find that cool...don't we all want to have a FULL grasp on that thought?

6. Song Lyrics as your Status - I'll try to keep this short, since I don't have THAT big an issue on this. First, having a song lyric as your status could leave an impression that you are in a certain mood and people WILL want to either ask or wonder WHY you even put that little sucker down on the fine white box. Second, if this lyric happens to be about something depressing in your life...seriously...suck it up and be proud of what you COULD accomplish with your life. If you have the right feel in your soul, you can't go wrong with whatever you do. Besides, I'm sure some of those "poor, unfortunate souls" are overreacting and are just attention-gleeps. Your life can't be THAT bad, unless you lost a real loved one to heaven or had a traumatic experience as a youth. Looks like this wasn't as short as I thought....

7. Poor "Grammer" - Alright...let's try this being short and simple. Why can't people just type properly? Some cases, we are in a rush and type quick messages without thinking. When you type regularly and you have poor literacy, don't you think that somehow leaves an impression that you don't have that well of an education? I'll be it that some people can't process as well as others. That's no matter how hard one tries and I can understand that...and I can even speak for myself, since I'm diagnosed with Aspergers and have different ways of learning. We all learn differently, but when you have POTENTIAL, you should have the ability to comprehend simple basics of life. This is without having your life go to waste. This is without doing real stupid things and not having any common sense. Oy....this wasn't that short either.

8. Wrong Profile Info. - OK...THIS ONE IS SHORT! Wrong name, wrong birth-date, wrong graduating school-year, wrong SCHOOL, wrong hometown, wrong profile picture, wrong, wrong, wrong! Someone tries to add you and you go " O_o...Who in bloody hell is this?", given that people (like me) add you anyway just because we want to know who you are. Why do this? Have the right information and there won't be any confusion. HA! Short!...although I could have made it longer.

9. Facebook Drama - I regret even discussing this one. Cyber-bullying has become a problem, especially with facebook now being a big thing. Yet...somehow...people find a (as they say) bitch against an individual they despise. If you hate a person so much, why are you talking or communicating with them? Leave the person alone and move on with YOUR life. It doesn't matter if you're jealous or think you're better than a person. Just don't exert your mentality against them and forcibly cause unnecessary/unintentional fights. What do you hope to gain for doing all this? I doubt people even listen to advice on how NOT to bully others in school. This comes to the point where some people, who do listen, start gossip out of nowhere and openly mock others without that certain person's not hard to be normal and live life the way you should. Why make it harder for others?

10. "Like" Groups...Which Somehow Relate to You - Self-explanatory. We're not alone. Someone out there has exactly the same thoughts as you and they made thousands of fans over one little ditty. Some of them you look at feel the same sense of nostalgia as the creator. So, people are so bored that they have to be the first ones to make a "Like" The problem is...there's so many of them! I don't have anything personal against these kind of things, but it's just getting really annoying looking at them all on the News Feed. I wish I could honestly dislike some of them, but that would contradict the #9 thing above and cause more unintentional drama. This is an issue that might never be stopped, unless facebook gets rid of them (highly unlikely). Oh well, what's done is done I guess. A person's a person and we all have our thoughts we'd like to share.

- Done.

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