Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Top 10 "Future Inventions" that are Bound for Failure/Misconceptions

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)

- Blog #2: Blog Time! Here's the new list. This is another rant of mine, regarding certain inventions that I know are going to leave some sort of dent in our society (big or small).

1. Flying Cars - The idea is ingenious! Cars that fly! No longer will everyone have to worry about being behind all the slow people on the road! No more will you have to resort to using hand signals, like the ever-popular "Bird." look at the other side of the road map. Think about the concept like this, if you will. With logic being a factor, what do most/all cars need in order to run? Gas, oil, or electricity. Imagine. You're flying midair and then, suddenly, you run out of one these things. What happens? INCOMING! This idea of flying cars may hit big for decades of years to come, but I hardly see that as being a true success in American history. If we all have trouble driving on the road or we run into unexpected problems, what makes a person think that flying in the air is any better of an idea? Most of us watch the news, most of us see the numerous accidents involving cars and planes, and most of us want safety. Will flying cars really help? Will it help with the drivers that we have on the road, today? Expensive...maybe? Can you say, "Repeat-9/11"...EVERYDAY!? I don't want to see that! No one wants to see something like that ever again. It never should have happened the first time. Whether it's for money or for progress, I'd like to share some advice to the creators (not that they'll even read my amateur rant). Please...please, please, please be cautious of the consumption of flying automobiles.

2. Anything "Apple" - Apple most have mountains of green behind their company. iPods, iMacs, iPhones, iTouches, iPads, iThinkThisIsRedundant. People will just wait and wait, until the next newest device comes to light. While I think Apple has definitely made some original and fairly decent products, there are a bunch that get a bad reputation and there are even some Apple products that I have had some problems with. Why doesn't Apple use the system of "Quality beats Quantity?" Heck...Nintendo does it, (even though the new DS changes annoy me and I never bothered to trash my 1st Brand of the DS) and they seem to create masterpieces of video games, left and right. It's like Apple just takes a one-way street and just keeps going without finding the right path. Then, they hit a wall and have to wait to figure out where to go next. Despite all that being said, people still buy the semi-good technology that Apple offers. Fad...maybe? Why do we seem to want these gizmos? It doesn't appear to matter what critics have to say about Apple, because Apple workers are the ones making the "$CHA_CHUNG$!" We can predict though that many future Apple products are going to be labeled as "iFail..."

3. Time Machine - If I'm wrong about this, you can all laugh in my sorry face. I really don't think that anyone on our planet has the capability to build a device that can travel through time. Enough said.

4. Teleportation Devices - The thought of being able to transfigure your body into tiny particles of atoms, which then move towards another pin-pointed location, is fascinating. For a first thought it is, but it's scary. I don't envy the first human tester of such a device. What if something went wrong? What if, during travel, you lose an atom or two (or three)? Would you become a different person or look somewhat different? It's a nature of science to experience danger, while experimenting with certain creations. Is it really advisable to build something that, really, we don't need? Sure, creating something like this would be an absolute "Hall of Fame" moment, but we could be risking lives with such a trifle invention.

5. 3D TV - I've honestly had enough of all this 3D crap. 3D just seems to be another advertising excuse from creators with no further sense of imagination towards making something classic. I think more movies and events that weren't 3D would be more enjoyable than actual 3D. Now, we're going to be getting 3D TV! Yayyyyy...and to top it off, we get glasses! Double...yayyyyy...psht. Because of so much ridicule for the glasses, companies like Samsung are now trying to trash the glasses and have 3D television without will that work? Are things just going to pop out of the screen? Ooooooooooo....dangerous. This is bound to, not only be a failure, but be a guaranteed cause for cases of seizures.

6. Robots with Human Emotions - Yes. I'm sure technology fanatics will want to have the power to create a machine with human-like qualities to help things move faster in the universe. If anyone has ever seen a movie or has even seen an animated cartoon show that involved human-like robots, then you know very well where I'm going. If a robot, suddenly, becomes violent...God help you. Not that I truly believe that line of reasoning, but it's always a possibility. While "what ifs" are looked down upon, by some, "what ifs" are often a necessity for someone like me to think about certain issues pertaining to decision making. Back to the robot. Are robots going to become a majority in our world in the future? Over the human race? Isn't it possible that we wouldn't need robots, if everyone in the world had the motivation to work ethically? Anyone?

7. Experiencing Virtual Reality..."for real" - This is vaguely similar to my mixed perspectives of teleportation and 3D TV. Virtual reality isn't new. Game companies tried several times to make virtual life fun, by making games that involve the use of a mouse, glove, helmet, treadmill and God knows what else. However, building a device to be able walk into and witness pixelated life in front of you is certainly a possibility. Unfortunately, to me, this concept is already a fail. You will NEVER witness or feel anything realistic to the real prospects of nature. A virtual copy of something is just that. A copy. Whether you believe it or not, virtual reality will only give you a picture of what real life is, what it could be, or something completely irrelevant that contradicts reality. You will only be THINKING that you are in a dreamland of your own imagination, but you're not REALLY feeling anything natural. So, why is such a "peripheral" called "Virtual Reality", when you're not actually experiencing reality?

8. Cloning Devices - I know what most people reading this might be thinking. How could something like this be a failure? Cloning a certain object or even a certain someone could be a mammoth-sized breakthrough in history. I don't doubt that something like this would be possible. The problem lies with the same sort of problem I had with the ideals of virtual reality. Can you really genetically clone something to be an EXACT copy? DNA and all? Same characteristics? Same emotions (if living thing is used)? I still believe that a copy is only a copy. You make a copy of something and, technically, you really don't have the exact same thing. You only have a copy of the REAL thing. It's picky...I know. This is one invention that I actually think could be a very real success, but the specifics of it shouldn't be overlooked.

9. General - (sighs).......the agony and laziness that one could not simply get off their asses and do something productive. Even typing blog entries like this is something I find productive. It's just....beyond my grasp. Humans are smarter than robots. We can manage just fine. I have nothing further to say on this.

10. "The Cure of Living for Eternity!" - This is going to be a little deep....I am a believer. I really do believe that every man/woman on this planet was born for a reason. Science is a very convincing theory. It could be used to explain how every planet or how every one of us living beings on Earth, or outside the Earth, were created. In truth, I think there is a God or, rather, there WAS a God. Many different conclusions were reached by people, whom so happen to want to predict on what happens when one's time is up. You die and your spirit will disperse from your body and wander throughout the world; you die and you go to either Heaven of Hell; you die temporarily and are somehow reincarnated into another person's body to live life again; you die and....well....yeah....that's it. No one in our time has ever met a God, nor will anyone ever will (probably) and if one claims that they have seen a God, then they are lying...horribly. However, if one were to have the powers of immortality, one could live life forever. One could witness the recreation of Earth and life in millions of years to come, without hardly any bodily injury to oneself. The one problem with this is this Earth....death is a necessity. Some animals or plants cannot live without the decomposed corpses of certain things. Even emotionally, I would not want to live forever and witness horrible tragedy and want to be able to end my misery (but can't) or just deal plain redundancy, over and over again. The saying "Bored to death..." wouldn't even apply anymore. What our real purpose is on Earth is only decided by our own mind, body, conscious, and actions. Too many adjectives could be used to describe life itself. My favorite saying about life...."When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us". We all have regrets. We can't change what was done millions of years ago. So, we need to find ways to move forward and find our purposes for living.

- Done.

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