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My Top 10 Most Underrated and Overrated Disney Movies (Part 2)

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #8: When I said that Disney had a lot of good movies out there, I wasn't kidding. There are a TON. Contrary to popular belief, I happen to think that some Disney movies get more credit than they deserve. I'm not going to go into too much detail about each of these movies. This is because...well...they're overrated for a reason, right? Note that these movies are not necessarily bad movies. They are just too highly praised.  Now, here's Part 2 of my first "Opposites Attract" list of underrated and overrated Disney movies.

Overrated Disney Movies 

1. Aladdin - It should be obvious to everyone reading this note that I really don't care if you hate me for having a certain movie on this list. It's my list! Not yours! Sure, this movie is good. The music soundtrack is quite catchy and the artwork displays the talent of old-school Disney movie-making. So, what's the problem? The story is the problem. It's cliché, it's boring, and there's not much depth to it. This is unlike the movies I had in Part 1 of this list. The movie is based off a real Arabian Nights story. Aladdin is a young man who meets this girl (Jasmine), in the Agrabah marketplace. He ends up getting "captured" by the Grand Vizier, named Jafar, and he is taken to The Cave of Wonders. There, he finds a magic lamp and he is granted 3 wishes from a genie. Joy! So, he wishes to becomes a prince to impress Jasmine (stupid...stupid...stupid). After back-and-forth discussions, Aladdin convinces Jasmine to take a ride on a magic carpet with him. Jasmine sees that Aladdin was not a prince, but only the boy she had met in the marketplace. Aladdin continues to fib and tells Jasmine that he sometimes dresses as a foreign traveler to escape palace life. After Aladdin says goodbye to Jasmine, Jafar appears to attack Aladdin, again, and throws him in the ocean. Aladdin is forced to use his second wish, to be saved. Returning to the palace, Jafar is with the Sultan and he reveals his plot to marry Jasmine and take over Agrabah. A fight broke out and Jafar is able to steal the magic lamp, The genie is then given a new master. Jafar uses two wishes to become the Sultan and the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Aladdin returns to the palace and Jafar uses his final wish to become an all-powerful genie (really stupid...stupid...stupid). Jafar is sent to his own magic lamp and is imprisoned. Jasmine then saw Aladdin to be brave. It didn't matter to her anymore that Aladdin had lied and became a prince. Aladdin uses his final wish to set his genie friend free and Aladdin gets to be with Jasmine...(sighs). It's just...boring! Plus, the movie was too comedic and cheesy. Not much of a life lesson was demonstrated in this feature film, except maybe that you shouldn't lie for your own benefit. Not the best storyline, at all.

2. The Incredibles - This one is a shorty. Blah story-lines? How about a short description of the story-line? I think that the only reason this movie was so hyped was because it was made by Pixar. It was that and it was also a superhero movie. Nothing more, nothing less. How basic can I get with this? It's a movie about a superhero family who are hiding their powers from the public. This game of hide-of-seek started, mainly, because of a legal lawsuit that sued all superheroes for using their powers. The father (Mr. Incredible) is experiencing problems when he is met with an "old fan" (Buddy/Syndrome) who has gone bad. Mr. Incredible is sent on a mission to stop Syndrome from killing any more superheroes. There's trouble and the rest of the family finds out about this secret mission. Summarizing this to the best of my ability, the family defeats Syndrome and the new villain shows up to leaves the movie with a cliff-hanger. Wow. There hasn't even been a sequel, yet. I know I'm missing a lot of details, like robot-attacks and secret meetings with superhero officials. Really, though...who cares? This movie had comedy and it definitely had some action-packed fun in it. These factors alone just don't make up for the lack of a touching storyline. The story was just not there. The events in the movie just happened. There's not much emotional reasoning for a lot of it.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Again, let me reiterate that most movies that I'm mentioning here aren't necessarily bad. Believe me. I say that there were many more underrated Disney movies than there were overrated Disney movies. This is one of those movies where I think it's a great classic, but certainly not the best Disney film storyline that there is. Not being sexist in any shape or form, but "Disney Princess" films USUALLY don't have much depth into them. Snow White is a young princess who works as a slave-girl for her wicked stepmother. The stepmother's magic mirror tells her that Snow White is "the fairest in the land." Angered by this very thought, the stepmother hires a huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. The huntsman had a conscious mind that told him that she should not die. He lets her live. The huntsman returns to the stepmother with a pig's heart, instead. Snow White flees for the forest and finds a small cottage with seven chairs, and such. Snow White figured that the place was for orphaned children. Little did she know that seven dwarfs lived there. So, Snow White spent the rest of her time caring for the seven dwarfs. The stepmother discovers Snow White's whereabouts and uses her magic to turn herself into a witch. The "witch" visits the cottage and convinces Snow White to eat a poisoned apple. The dwarfs saw what happened and they attack the evil stepmother. Cornered on a cliff, the stepmother tried to push a boulder onto the dwarfs. However, with one lightning bolt, the boulder backfired and she fell off the cliff. One fell swoop from a thunderbolt. Snow White was seemingly dead. The dwarfs hold a funeral for her. Suddenly, the prince that Snow White had previously met had come and he was overcome by Snow White's beauty. He kissed her and Snow White was freed from the spell and they all lived happily ever after. It was a touching scene, really. I just felt like I wasn't really attentive for the whole movie. I was very attentive in something like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I think this movie is mostly popular for its music and its vibrant colors. That's just it.

4. The Lion King - I know I'm going to get people mad at me for this one. Is it really "The Circle of Life" that makes this movie so popular? Really? I think that this is a beautifully made movie and this is surely a Hall of Fame induction member. I'm not even going to go into the whole story because...literally...every Disney fan should know this one! There's nothing wrong with the storyline, there's nothing wrong with the voice actors or anything like that, there's nothing wrong with the artwork, and there's nothing wrong with the music. So, why do I think this movie is overrated? It's always talked about for the wrong reasons. Whenever I hear people talk about The Lion King, it's either about the music or how they "LOVEEEEE ITTTTTTT!" There's hardly much mention for the deeper meaning of how Simba's father died or how Scar betrayed his own family for his own goals. I feel like I'm picking on this movie. It's just that, whenever people talk about "Disney", you hear this movie or other ones that have been looked upon too highly. I guess I just don't understand why this movie is so great, when I compare it to others. Maybe it's the use of African culture that very few people bring up into discussion. Maybe it's the first ever movie that truly succeeded in making a film with talking animals. I really don't know...I just think this movie is rated too high. That's all.

5. High School Musical - WAS DISNEY THINKING? I refuse to go into the storyline of this movie should I put it? Oh, I know...IT STINKS! When people think Disney, you should be thinking about "Dreams coming true" or magic making! I'm not just talking about the first movie. I'm talking about ALL of them. I'm surprised Disney pooped out 3 of these poor excuses of "magic." Truthfully, I think these movies were made just for the money. I don't care that the movie gives out a boost of self-confidence or "SPIRIT!!" to kids and teens. It shouldn't be displayed in this manner. This movie seems to give the idea to kids that it's okay to act like a stuck-up prep or a jock that cares about nothing more than to get with the girl or some sports team. There's nothing wrong with sports or dating, but I just think that this movie is bad for Disney. Even the music in this movie is cheesy and awful. The worst part about the music is that I can't get the stupid songs out of my head. I don't want them in my head, but they freaking stay there! It's a new generation and people want to keep up with the times. I'm sure if this movie was released, sometime in the 1980's, it would be a hit (maybe even more so). 3 less than a year's time! Ridiculous...just ridiculous. Doesn't anyone else notice how less and less popular HSM became, just after the sequel and the trilogy? It's because people are realizing how much bull this movie exposes. The actors are too controversial, the plot is some weak-ass teenage soap opera, and the music...oh god the music. This movie defines the term, "overrated." Open up a dictionary and "BOOM!" Zac Efron's profile is right there.

- Done. 

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