Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Top 10 Websites

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :)  

- Blog #9: It's been a tough going for me to spare time for my blog site, seeing how we're nearing the Thanksgiving holiday and other festivities. So, I won't be going as in depth as I did in past blogs. Today's topic? I'll be briefly talking about websites that I find myself going back to. There are millions of websites out there. So, of course, I will not have the same set list as you (although, I don't know many people who make a list, regarding this topic). These sites can be resourceful or addicting. It's time to start typing away!

1. Facebook - Basically, everyone has an account now. It's social-networking to a new extreme. I have one and I'll admit that I'm on it practically everyday. I don't really know what's so special about this website...actually, I can think of a few things. Facebook is there to annoy people, attract people, help people or find some reason to bring others to this internet fad. Although, the best reason to explain why people come to this site is to creep on other users. It's a fact. I've said it in my first ever blog on the topics of discussion. The excitement one gets when they see a red thing on the corner of the screen is unquenchable. Someone wrote on your wall, someone tagged a photo of you, someone liked your status, someone wrote on your status, multiple people wished you a happy birthday...for the love of all that's holy! How can one social site attract so many people? How did Mark Zuckerberg pull something like this off?

2. YouTube - This and Facebook are probably my top sites that I've visited. Having some relation with Facebook, YouTube has some of the same qualities that Facebook and other social networking sites have. However, while you can write on people's stuff and keep the ability to stalk random internet people, this website mainly focuses on the ideas of uploading videos. I must admit that I am impressed with how people are able to find videos, shows or movies played from years ago and upload them, without the consent of those who produced them. Anything that's anything is posted here, even when it's considered controversial. What isn't controversial, these days? You can find almost any sort of footage if you just type it in the "Search" box. I fully appreciate the free access to some music track videos that I can't either afford or find anywhere else.  

3. Myspace - There's a few reasons why I come back to this site now and then. I actually had a Myspace (now called My "[_____]") account before I owned a Facebook account. Was I ever glad I switched? Indeed. Myspace was confusing, as all hell, and the design of it is flimsy compared to its more powerful rival. The only reasons I come back is to see who I know is left on there, see some friend's profile and mock how people never seem to go on the site anymore. Ever since Facebook was made, Myspace has really been put down in the gutter. I think the best way to describe the relationship between these sites were from the words of a Facebook "Like Group": "Tom must be pissed"

4. - Alright. The reason I like this site should be self-explanatory. Right when you enter, you see the latest updates on the newest games out there for whatever Nintendo system you own. Plus, you can look up every single game ever made for that certain system (from Nintendo, that is). You can see previews of future games and even read/hear interviews from the developers. I'm a geek-a-zoid. That's why (Nintendo) wins this spot.

5. eBay - It's simple to purchase something off this website. Sure, there have been some problems with other people, but I have never had a single issue. Video-games, books, movies, people's houses, CD's, household necessities, appliances. You can find and purchase just about anything, if you're willing to pay the price. In my experience, the shipping process has been very prompt and I've received what I purchased, right on time or even earlier. If anything, there may be just a one or two day delay, but that's all. Just be sure to read the description of the item you want, before you buy it.

6. Wikipedia - Whoever made the remark that Wikipedia is iffy on the details is highly judgemental. Really. I can easily say, with my peace of mind, that I've never found a false detail on anything I've looked up. There might be some punctuation mistakes, but a good percentage of us go on this site just to find out what something means or is, correct? I don't consider looking up information on a resource site to be cheating, despite what some educators believe. If anything, this site contains some missing details, not false ones.

7. Picnik - I mostly use this site when I go onto Facebook, but I really enjoy the editing features used here. It's not truly professional or anything like that, although one can only judge on what he or she likes. This is mainly a photo editing site and a very appreciated one at that. Any photo you upload can be edited at a cost of waiting for the loading screen, which says things like: Loading....laying a blanket....fluffing pillows....trimming the tree....carving jack-o' For the most part, I have been satisfied with every photo I have masterfully created. Thank you Picnik.   

8. Google - The most well-known, search-engine based website is Google. Type anything in the "Search" box. You are guaranteed to find something (maybe, just MAYBE, excluding made up words). True, you may not find exactly what you're looking for. However, you may discover something better. You have to appreciate looking at all the new designs that Google makes on special occasions. Even better. You have to appreciate the creativity of the artwork that people use to make a Google logo. This just may be the best search engine ever. Yahoo just doesn't compare, in my view. Plus, you can't say, "I'm gonna Yahoo it." It just doesn't fit.

9. Gmail  - And since we're on the topic of Google, I may as well mention that I am a proud owner of a Gmail account. It gains me access to Facebook, this blog site, and other address-required sites. Powered by Google, Gmail has been a prominent success and it's been very helpful in sending and receiving emails. Just like Google, you can change the backdrop of your account homepage. There are some really cool, default designs on there. I think Gmail will continue to be of usefulness to me.

10. Blogger - Do I really need to explain why? No. Of course I don't. I guess this one's on the list because I wanted to make this moment a special appreciation moment for a friend who introduced this site to me. So, thank you Asha Waterhouse for showing me Blogger! Without Blogger, I'd be stuck reading books for the rest of my life (ha-ha-ha-ha-ha).
- Done.

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