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My Top 10 Best and Worst Mario Games (Part 1)

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #26: It shouldn't come as a surprise that I would chose to do a list like this. This is not plagiarism. It's just a man's opinion over a franchise that remains lovable to this very day. Mario games have been a pleasure to many game-lovers and it's no wonder. Nintendo produced dozens of games that made them millions of dough. Super Mario is no doubt the leading mascot for Nintendo. Sadly, the Zelda series or the Metroid series don't come even close to the plump plumber. What makes Mario so great? That's obvious. The games! Almost every idea has its flaws, but most Mario games have hit it big. With that, I bring you the best and the worst of Mr. "M-for-a-cap" with another addition of my "Opposites Attract" lists. Let's start off with the boring stuff and get on with what I think are the best Mario games out there. In the words of Mario, "Here we go!"

Best Mario Games

1. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe - The NES's original Super Mario Bros. video game was the best-selling game for two decades, only to be ousted by the creation of the Wii and Wii Sports in 2009. Just for that, I'm not even including the original on this list. The original is too good for this list. So, why's this one on here? It not only had Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and all the levels you know and love. There were extras! And Yoshi (eggs)! It was like playing the classic Mario, with other cool stuff. You could race with Boos, hunt for red coins in each level of the original game, find Yoshi eggs, AND play Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels! There was also a feature in the game where you could print stuff through the "Game Boy Printer", which is something I've never purchased or done. The classic will never be beaten when it comes to the revolution of video-games. But if I had to say which one was more fun to play, it would be the deluxe version.

2. Super Mario Galaxy - Speaking of games that revolutionized a series, Super Mario Galaxy gave a whole new outlook from the precedence of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. This game went above and beyond infinity, as physics just don't seem to apply much here. This is one of Mario's greatest plat-formers to ever reach the 20th century. New power-ups were introduced, like the Boo Suit, Bee Suit, or the Spring Suit. Also making an appearance is the Ice-Flower, which is almost equivalent to the effects of the Fire-Flower. When I first saw footage of this game, I thought it would be incredibly challenging to maneuver with the Wii remote. This was not the case. It was very easy and very fun. Other cool characters were introduced to the Mario series as well, like Rosalina and those star-creatures called Lumas. I've never played the sequel to this game (Super Mario Galaxy 2). If the set-up is similar to this game and the use of Yoshi played a pivotal role, then I would've had no doubt that the 2nd galaxy would make a showing on this list. Besides, who doesn't love flying in space?

3. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - RPG games really know how to put strategy and role-playing together into an awesome game. This game may have exemplified the creations of both the Mario and Luigi series, and even the Paper Mario games (the first two games, anyway). I'm still in shock that a sequel has never been made for this game. I wouldn't be surprised if such a thing were to happen in a few years to come. Bring back Geno! Bring back Mallow! Bring back Smithy! Bring back all those weird and goofy-looking characters that probably nobody remembers! The best thing about this game, aside from the others, is that it was unique in game-play. It was the first time that Mario was put into a Final Fantasy-like  perspective, along with his old friends and new enemies. Super Mario RPG needs a comeback. The producers have to realize this by now. 

4. MarioKart DS - One of the most successful creations that Super Mario had to offer was the introduction to Mario combined with racing. Give Mario and his pals some go-karts and you've got yourself a terrific game. Super Mario Kart set the standard for the series, MarioKart 64 further attracted the paying customers with improved graphics, and MarioKart: Double-Dash improved game-play further with having the new-feature of racing with two players in one car. Now, it came down to a choice between MarioKart Wii and MarioKart DS. When you think about it, it actually wasn't as hard a choice to make as one would come to expect. That's because MarioKart DS has something that none of the other MarioKart games have. What is it? C'mon. Don't think too hard about the matter at hand. Literally, it's the ability to play MarioKart anywhere you go! Being that the DS is the only handheld system to have it's own MarioKart counterpart, it's clear that there is no other rightful game. Another great thing about MarioKart can play with people all over the world! On a handheld! And R.O.B. was a playable character, too! That's cool! 


5. Super Mario World - This one is the one that started the legacy of Yoshi. It's also the game that made Bowser's children more noticeable to the public (which led to an ongoing debate as to where the kids came from...hint-hint -_-). This game is fantastic. Dozens of fun levels that leave you with that warm feeling that you're playing a great game. While many argue that the Tanooki suit or the Super Leaf should return to the Mario games, I argue that the Cape Feather should return. With the Cape Feather, you can REALLY call Mario, "Super!" But what's the best part about this game? C'mon. Use your brain. YOSHI! Everyone loves this dinosaur! Not to beat a dead horse, but Yoshi is one of video game's most iconic, breakout superstars. This game is also one of the main reasons why so many Mario TV shows exist....ok, that's not really a prize winning benefactor. 

- So, you've seen and read what I think are the best of the best Mario games. But, what about the ones that...suck. Hard to believe, but there are some really bad Mario games out there. Which ones will I chose? Find out when Part 2 of this "Opposites Attract" list is published. Until then...   

- Done (for now).

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