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My Top 10 Fears (Phobias)

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #29: If anything out there that scares us most, it is the very fear of fear that impacts everyone. I don't think it's mentally possible for anyone in the world to not experience some sort of circumstance that makes the bones shudder. Fear is real. Fear exists. It's how we come to tolerate or be rid of the fear that makes us all the more powerful. To be honest, I never even thought of actually doing this blog. The idea seemed so simple, but I guess that's not a bad thing. So, here they are. Here are the things that are most frightening, by viewer choice and by my own personal choice. This might get confusing, so be ready. 

1. Speaking in Public - This is one of the biggest fears out there. This goes for any kind of public speaking. Political speeches, class oral reports, comedy routines, toasts, and even just literally talking around the outside world. What's worse than saying the wrong thing? Saying the wrong thing and then getting that feeling in your stomach where you know you just said something that either offended somebody or was just plain wrong. At one point or another, everyone has to face this fear eventually. Think about it. If you're afraid of public speaking, then how can you manage getting a job through a job interview? How can you possibly have the guts to speak to anyone? You can't simulate this feeling of stress. You can only experience it. That's something that frightens us. How will your body react to the pressure? The only way to heal this fear is with practice by actually attempting to speak in public. However, even if you good at speaking in front of a large crowd, the chance of you saying something wrong or getting nervous is still very likely. It's almost unavoidable.

2. Flying - Not driving, not sailing, not biking, not walking, not even riding a train. Flying. Sure, it's convenient to fly and without it we'd be at a loss for transportation. But just think about this one, carefully. Like public speaking, flying to another state, country, or continent is also nearly unavoidable. However, it is not as much so. There's just this fear and anxiety of being up so high in the sky that you receive this moment of paranoia. Who could blame you? Ever since 9/11 and various other aerial-involved incidents that happen every once in a while, the fear of flying can only go so far as to increase dramatically. Really, the fear of flying is a combination of many other fears. The fear of crashing (which is most likely the case), the fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, and the list goes on. Flying is the coup de grĂ¢ce of it all, though. This is mainly due to the fact that, if anything dangerous were to happen on a plane, you're all sitting-ducks and there's nothing that can be done. I don't need statistics to show me that the chances of you dying in a plane crash are more inevitable than in any other vehicle. Plus, with all the psychos that exist in the world, there's no telling what could happen on a plane.

3. Failure - My nightmare. My one goal in life is be successful. It doesn't matter what I do or how I do it, but I want to die as a successful man. There are no real dreams in my mind. No thoughts of travel, no history making ordeal (although that would be nice), but just a simple, happy, and successful lifestyle. Even real successful people can have this fear everyday. Now, most of this fears on this list could be linked to other fears that exist. It's like the food pyramid. Hidden within each category is a large number of food choices that can be put together in combination with different food choices from another category, if that makes sense. For failure, you could also have a fear of change or a possible fear of rejection. That's life, though. You have to learn from failure and even the most perfect of people have to face failure head on. Taking action is the only way to be rid of this fear. Which brings me to...

 4. Commitment - The fear of just taking action, itself. There's not much to say here. Sometimes it's very hard to make the right choices and learn to take the proper approaches. This might be because taking the risk can just be too much to bear for some. If you're afraid of failure, then you are undoubtedly scared to make a commitment. I can attest the difficulty of it, but it's something that we have to do in order to topple even the toughest of decisions the universe has to throw at us. Fate has something in store for all of us and I do believe that some supernatural force exists and shows us the way to go. So, the best advice? Go with what your head and heart tells you. If you do that, then you'll at least FEEL like you're going on the right path.               

5. Triskaidekaphobia - Because everyone is afraid of the number 13, ......right? -_-

6. The Dark - It's understandably frightening to be afraid of something that you can't see. This is a fear that tops the chart of phobias, but for one surprisingly dumb reason. Imagination that gets the best of us. The minute we think of the dark, we don't become feared of it. We fear what lurks inside of it. There is barely any horror movie that exists without the usage of darkness. Using what you learned from your high school English class, darkness seems to represent some sort of symbolism for evil. A murky or eerie mood of a story often uses darkness as a reoccurring motif. Aside from the school-grounds, a dark area is considered to be a place where an individual is most vulnerable. Once again, I'm referring back to the crazed psychopaths that coexist with us. You're walking alone, in the nighttime, and you've gone no real line of defense with you. Say you come across a dark alleyway, by accident. You're trapped. You get that chill in your spine, thinking that somebody could be right behind you or suddenly appear right in front of you, and you have no real place to run. So, it's not just a fear of the dark. The fear is a combination of other fears, even the fear of other people.

7.  Those...animals...that may or may not exist... - You may not necessarily be afraid of these things, seeing how there are a large variety of them and one could be more terrifying than the other. They could be real or they could be fake. But they are just the type of animal that make you just...cringe. I had a hard time putting this picture up...ewwwww...but it perfectly depicts my point.

8. Clowns - I understand people try to be artsy and all that junk, but why ruin something that seemed so natural to others?'s very understandable to be afraid of clowns, after looking at pictures like these.



9. Getting caught in a lie or a despicable act... - We all have to lie, eventually. But when the truth comes back to haunt us, the amount of fear, sadness, and guilt is just unquenchable. You know that saying, "Everyone makes mistakes", and how it applies to everyone. Well...some people make very bad mistakes. What's worse than having your reputation (if you even had one to begin with) ruined by beginning a personal crime record for yourself? Hmm...I can think of only one other thing...

10. Death - I have numerous fears on this list that are nearly, almost, very likely, 99.9% possible to occur in an average lifespan. However, one thing and one thing only can make a fear 100% inevitable. That one thing is death. It's truth. As very morbid and as very bluntly as one can say, the statement "everybody is going to die, eventually" is absolutely factual. It's an unstoppable fear. No one knows what happens to you when you die. Religion can give you the idea that there is an afterlife and you will be reunited with your loved ones that passed before you. Others say that when you die in scientific terms. You just won't exist anymore. What scares us is the fact that we can't avoid fate. Death could be just around the corner. Somebody could kill you, some supernatural event can catch you at the wrong moment, or your time could just be plum up! Now, there's another fear that would have been on this list and came close to being so. And that would have been "The Fear of Losing Your Family", but the reason I didn't include that is simple. Some may not be that close to their family. Hatred is another thing that is very real and there is that likely scenario where family is possibly overlooked. At the same time, death is something that shouldn't be feared at all. If we know it's coming, then we shouldn't be scared of it, right? Or should we? Maybe it's the confusion of what happens after you die that fears us the most. Do you go to heaven or hell? Is there an afterlife? Do you just...die? I don't know...but just thinking about not being coexistent with the world is something that really turns a person off. It's sad. It can definitely be a tearjerker.

- Done.          

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