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My Top 10 WWE Wrestlers to Push or Push Out (Part 1)

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #33: Since I am finally able to enjoy some time off, I'm taking the liberty to pursue a large assortment of blog topics that I've been wanting to cover for a while. Most recently, my incentive is to once again cover a WWE topic, one of which is one of the most talked about fads on the internet. Who in the WWE should be pushed for a title opportunity? There's a lot of them...but then the WWE has their other share of issues. Who in the WWE should be pushed from the WWE company? Whether you are a total WWE fan or not, these are the wrestlers who deserve a title and these are the wrestlers who deserve the boot. (Quick Note: I know WWE is scripted and it's obviously so) Facts. So...IT'S NOW TIME FOR ANOTHER EDITION OF...THE "Opposites Attract" LISTS! Here we go, PART 1!   

WWE Wrestlers Who Need A Title Push

1. Evan..."Air"...Bourne - What is going on here? This guy made his debut on ECW in 2008. This was when ECW still existed, mind you. The WWE/ECW company was going through this new phase where this thing called the "Superstar Initiative" was debuting new superstars out of the wazoo, or FCW, or some other promotional wrestling foundation. Anyway, from this new protocol, a man by the name of Matt Sydal came into the squared circle (the ring, for those who don't understand wrestling lingo). Following a losing match on his debut night, Matt Sydal debuted (again) the next week with his new in-ring name. He was then known as Evan Bourne, the man who could "defy gravity." Well, it's been about 3 years. All I can say is that defying gravity is metaphorically correct when it comes to Bourne's career. Don't get me wrong. Bourne's in-ring ability is incredible and totally underrated from management perspective. There lies the problem with Bourne and most of the other wrestlers on this list. Evan Bourne has proved himself enough, to me anyway, that he deserves AT LEAST a United States Championship match or an Intercontinental Championship match. I'm not sure if Bourne should get a shot at a world title yet. Rather, I'm not sure he will ever get that opportunity. He needs something. I mean, Sheamus entered ECW (when existent) in 2009. Less than a year later, he wins the WWE Championship against John Cena. JOHN...FREAKING...CENA! Main point being that Evan Bourne, despite being of smaller stature, absolutely needs a title-storyline going soon. If it's not given to him, he'll end up leaving and I'll be crushed. Evan Bourne is one of my favorite wrestlers.

2. Chris Masters - If you thought the whole "Evan Bourne debuting in 2008, winning no championships" situation was bad, then you haven't heard anything yet. Chris Masters' ordeal is much worse. Masters debuted in 2005. Since then, he has won nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Unlike Bourne, Masters was given some title opportunity shots. However, WWE management and WWE's Creative Team decided against giving Masters a title. It could have had something to do with Masters getting released from the company. Yup. Masters was suspended because he had violated the WWE Substance Abuse testing with steroids. Fine. He's back now, though! If I'm not mistaken, Chris Masters has been on the winning side of his matches, since returning. And there's no title shot in sight for this athlete. Why...the hell...not? Things are even worse, now that he was recently drafted back to RAW! How? He hasn't really been seen since. Poor management, poor creativity, and poor booking was all in the part of WWE. Stinky, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon! We all thought you liked big, muscular men! Methinks that's why you have John Cena and Randy Orton as your "Superstars!" It was the same deal with Batista, Brock Lesnar, and many others. Seriously, they all look like they use, or have used, steroids too. They could be getting away with it, but I don't know. But, they've come and gone. It's all thanks to poor planning by WWE. THANKS! Back to Chris Masters. WWE, please lose whatever grudge you have on Masters and give him an opportunity at a title shot. How about a world title? He's been around long enough and has more than proved himself. Please? Pretty please? Give him back his cape and his awesome entrance music, too? 

3. Yoshi Tatsu - Ah...Funaki 2.0 has arrived. While Funaki was a great wrestler and won a WWE Cruiserweight Championship (when it was existent), I firmly believe that Yoshi Tatsu is light-years better of a technical wrestler. Once again bringing Sheamus into the spotlight, Sheamus debuted in 2009 and in less than a year wins the WWE Championship. Yoshi Tatsu debuted on the same night as Sheamus, but a few minutes earlier. So, Yoshi has actually been in WWE longer than Sheamus and he has yet to win any championship yet, let alone be given a title shot in current-day WWE. The only time Yoshi was given a title shot was when ECW was still around and there was the ECW Championship. Being the opponent was Christian, at the time, there was no way Yoshi was going to get the push that fast. On the final episode of ECW, Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust were given a shot at the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship. You can guess how that attempt went. WWE likes to keep things painfully obvious in matches, one way or another. It seems like most superstars on this list so far have done their best work on the WWE Superstars show, since these guys have won most of their matches there and not on their main brand. RAW and Smackdown need more matches like the ones on WWE Superstars. It would be nice if stars like Yoshi Tatsu weren't put in squash-matches. I hate watching the real talent get demolished by these up-and-comers or someone that's been overly publicized. Yoshi Tatsu has some good in-ring work. I consider him another Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, if you can believe it. Yoshi definitely deserves a shot at the Intercontinental/United States Championship. It would be nice to have a wrestler of Asian descent win a title for once.               

4. Gail Kim - Surprised? Well, speaking of wrestlers of Asian descent, Gail Kim is one of the more athletically gifted divas in the division. I thought it would be fair to have at least one diva on this list. I haven't forgotten about them. I think most divas already have won a title during their run on WWE. Gail Kim hasn't won a title in an extremely long time, however. Plus, her winning a title would show off her experience, as she actually debuted in WWE in 2002. She only held the Women's Championship for about a few weeks, if I remember correctly from way back in 2003. There's not much else to say. I think Gail has a better shot at winning the title with her talent. I guess I just think that Gail Kim is one of the more underrated divas in WWE, at the moment. While I wanted this list to consist of all non-champions, and I wanted to include one diva, the only other diva to not win a title was Tamina. I don't think she makes the cut of needing a push, yet. Another main problem with Gail Kim is that she really needs more air-time in WWE. She's just underrated and needs another title push really soon. That's all.

5. Tyler Reks - Where IS this guy? I'll admit that when T-Reks first debuted on ECW, I couldn't take him seriously with his surfer-dude gimmick. Ever since his move to Smackdown, Tyrannosaurus Reks' heel turn really made him into a serious competitor for a title. I mean...look at him! Look at the picture below! Sure, he looks like some sort of hobo, but he's a tough hobo. I know he's been on the losing side of matches, including matches against Entrant #2 on my list, but I believe that WWE is to blame. Tyler Reks has got to be talented, but WWE booking hasn't put him in enough matches. I really think WWE screwed Reks when it came to the 2011 Royal Rumble match. Just watch it and you'll see what I mean. He was eliminated in about 40 seconds. Tyler Reks could be the next big "monster" of WWE. If nothing is done to help this guy fast, Tyler Reks is going to be the next wrestler to leave or be released for some ridiculous reason. That would be a disappointment because I think WWE needs more intimidating stars on the show. Give T-Reks a title match! Give him something for us to see!    

- Just some quick notes before I introduce the next part in normal fashion. There are quite a few other wrestlers who didn't make the cut. I want to make a quick list of honorable mentions. This list was to mostly show off the wrestlers who have NOT won a title yet (excluding Gail Kim). Anyway, the honorable mentions are as follows:

~ Primo (Only won the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships with his brother, Carlito) 
~ Tamina (No titles won yet, but needs more time on WWE to prove herself)
~ Drew McIntyre (Needs a push for a world title)
~ Alberto Del Rio (Needs a push for a world title more, being a Royal Rumble winner and all)
~ Jinder Mahal (Could be the next Muhammad Hassan, but too soon to tell)
~ William Regal (Please give Regal ONE world title match before he eventually leaves!)

- Alright! You've seen who I think deserves a push, but who deserves to be pushed out of a title shot or the WWE company? Time will only tell. Stay tuned in for Part 2, which will be published very, very soon! Until then, viewers...keep on reading!

- Done (for now).

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