Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Top 10 Things I Won't Miss About High School

This list is in no particular order and was NOT stolen from another individual. Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated and all property goes to Steven Chung....AH SCREW IT! I don't what you want. :) 

- Blog #43: Ah...Quincy High School. That is the school's mascot above. A hat to represent the President's pride and excellence! Was everything excellent? Of course not. Far be it for me to state that everything in high-school was enjoyable. Think about this. It seems like time really does have the upper-hand on us. Time just flies by. Occasionally, the time will come where students are ready to advance in their education and move on to bigger, better things. College, that is! As those students are more likely to look back and remember the good times in high school, I tend to remember both the good times and the times where I would want to pull my hair out. So, here we are. This is where I will recall all the bad qualities of high school! The things that always bother me and the things I shall not miss. Not everyone has had these problems, but they should be addressed.   

1. Stupid rules that don't make sense. No hats! No texting! No cell-phones! No bringing a laptop to class! No gum-chewing! Bring two passes to the library and other places! Are these seriously necessary? So long as we're not arrogant about it, some of these things should be changed.

2. Being in a dirty environment. It's not fun being inside a sh!t-box of a building, especially when it feels like it's about to implode on top of you. Graffiti, wads of gum where you least expect them, wobbly chairs, asbestos everywhere, trash, holes in the wall, bathrooms being a pigsty, etc.

3. Horrible schedules with bad teachers or a lot of walking in-between periods.


4. Being in poorly-funded school programs (*cough cough**cough cough*)

5.  Unnecessary homework assignments...duh!

6. "High-School Drama!" A pain that we can all live without!

7. Being around people who do immature things, like pulling a fire alarm four times! I'm not even joking! That's happened at my school! This involves students who are just plain stupid. Walking slow in the halls, skipping class, doing drugs, thinking you're the man with the swag or whatever, etc. Grow up!

8. Being in a school where the internet service crashes every 20 seconds.

9. Early mornings...

10. Lackluster of topics that we really should be learning in high school. Topics that we should be learning because we're actually going to need these skills in our future lifetime. Topics like CPR,  personal finance, social skills, and time management should all be mandatory.

- Done. Yes, I'm aware these things might exist in college. I'm well prepared for it!

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